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Dr Mara Airoldi

Course Tutor

Faculty Group: Public Management and Governance  


In 2000 Mara graduated from Bocconi University (Milan) in Economics of Public Choice. After work experiences in Italy, she returned to university and gained an MSc in Decision Science from the LSE (2003). On graduation she moved to Leeds, where she was appointed Lecturer in Decision Science at Leeds University Business School. She returned to the Department of Management at LSE after just one year to work on a behavioural economics project about discounting of future outcomes.

Since September 2005 she has been working at LSE on the Quest for Quality and Improved Performance project (QQuIP, [cue-kwip]), a major ten-year research initiative supported by The Health Foundation. QQuIP independently collects, analyses and reports on a wide range of data about current performance and capacity for improvement in the NHS in England, both in quality and cost-effectiveness. 

For QQuIP she contributed to the development of a framework to estimate the impact of different health policies on the health of the English population using Quality-Adjusted Life Years or Disability-Adjusted Life Years. A methodological paper (co-authored with Alec Morton) resulting from this work has been awarded the 2010 ISPOR Award for Excellence in Methodology in Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes Research.

Currently Dr Airoldi is collaborating with some Primary Care Trusts in England. Through this collaboration she is learning how NHS managers deal with resource allocation decisions in healthcare and researching how the QQuIP framework of measuring the impact of different policies on the health of a population can inform the Commissioning process (i.e. the strategic purchasing of health services for the local population).

Research interests

  • Decision analysis and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Performance measures
  • Decision conferencing and requisite modelling
  • Socio-technical aspects in the decision making process

Recent publications

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