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Ms Mara Airoldi

Fellow, Research Officer and part-time PhD student in Management Science


In 2000 I graduated from Bocconi University (Milan) in Economics of Public Choice. After a few work experiences in Italy I returned to university and gained an MSc in Decision Science from the LSE (2003). On graduation I moved to Leeds, where I was appointed Lecturer in Decision Science at the Leeds University Business School, Department of Management at LSE won me back after just one year to work on a behavioural economics project about discounting of future outcomes.

Since September 2005 I have been working at LSE on the Quest for Quality and Improved Performance project (QQuIP, that is [cue-kwip]), a major ten-year research initiative supported by The Health Foundation. QQuIP independently collects, analyses and reports on a wide range of data about current performance and capacity for improvement in the NHS in England, both in quality and cost-effectiveness. 

For QQuIP I contributed to the development of a framework to estimate the impact of different health policies on the health of the English population using Quality-Adjusted Life Years or Disability-Adjusted Life Years. A methodological paper (co-authored with Alec Morton) resulting from this work has been awarded the 2010 ISPOR Award for Excellence in Methodology in Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes Research.

Currently I am collaborating with some Primary Care Trusts in England. Through this collaboration I am learning how NHS managers deal with resource allocation decisions in healthcare and I am researching how the QQuIP framework of measuring the impact of different policies on the health of a population can inform the Commissioning process (i.e. the strategic purchasing of health services for the local population).

In September 2006 I also started a PhD part-time with professor Gwyn Bevan and Dr Alec Morton. In my PhD I investigate the link between health economics and decision analytic tools and processes to allocate resources in healthcare.

Research interests

  • Decision analysis and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Performance measures
  • Decision conferencing and requisite modelling
  • Socio-technical aspects in the decision making process

Recent publications

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