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Dr Lourdes Sosa

Associate Professor

Faculty Group: Organisational Behaviour


Dr Lourdes Sosa joined LSE as Associate Professor in the Department of Management in 2013. Prior to LSE, she spent seven years at the London Business School where she taught in the MBA, Executive MBA, Master’s in Management and Executive Education programs. She received her PhD degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management. Prior to her academic career she worked in R&D management at General Electric and General Motors.

Prof. Sosa studies technological discontinuities, a pervasive phenomenon in which a radical change in technologies disrupts a market, a phenomenon commonly referred to as creative destruction. In her work she uses technological discontinuities as an opportunity to contribute to mainstream strategy's objective of explaining within-market differences in firm performance. Furthermore, by looking at variation in the ability of established firms to adapt to a radical change in technologies, she also finds an opportunity to contribute to research on organizational change.

She is specifically interested in understanding the competitive dynamics of the R&D race that ensues through a technological discontinuity, thus her current interest on the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Biotechnology Revolution.

An active member of the Academy of Management, INFORMS, and the Industry Studies Association, she has won awards from these associations for her research. She is currently in the Editorial Board of the Academy of Management Journal.

Research interests

  • Technological Discontinuities
  • Disruptive Technologies
  • Resource-Based View of the Firm
  • Organisational Change

Recent publications

  • Corporate Structure, Indirect Bankruptcy Costs, and the Competitive Advantage of De Novo Firms: The Case of Gene Therapy Research. Sosa ML (2012). Organization Science, Articles in Advance, pp 1-18. ISSN: 1526-5455.
  • Sosa ML (2012). Decoupling Market Incumbency from Organizational Prehistory: Locating the Real Sources of Competitive Advantage in R&D for Radical Innovation. Strategic Management Journal 34(2) 245-255.
  • Sosa ML (2011). From Old Competence Destruction to New Competence Access: Evidence from the Comparison of Two Discontinuities in Anticancer Drug Discovery. Organization Science 22(6) 1500-1516.
  • Sosa ML (2009). Application-Specific R&D Capabilities and the Advantage of Incumbents: Evidence from the Anticancer Drug Market. Management Science 55(8) 1409-1422.
  • Fernandez RM, Sosa ML (2005). Gendering the Job. American Journal of Sociology 111(3) 859-904.
  • Allen TJ, Sosa ML (2004). 50 Years of Engineering Management through the Lens of the IEEE Transactions. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 51(4) 391-395.

Professor Lourdes Sosa