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Dr Juan López-Cotarelo


Faculty Group: Employment Relations and Human Resource Management


Juan López-Cotarelo is a Fellow in the Department of Management at LSE since 2012. He obtained his PhD in Management from the University of Warwick.  Prior to his doctoral studies, Juan earned an MBA from Ross Business School, University of Michigan, and had more than 12 years’ work experience as an HR practitioner and consultant.

Research interests

Juan’s research takes a distinctive approach to the study of Human Resource Management as situated action.  Through detailed ethnographies of HRM activities in the retail sector, he has explored how organisational HR practices are produced through the daily interactions of multiple actors and the material and discursive resources available to them.  His findings provide insight into the problem of HR implementation, and are the basis for a re-formulation of the ‘intended-actual HR gap’ and a re-assessment of the roles of line managers and the HR function.  Additionally, he draws implications from his fieldwork for the literature on organisational routines. In particular, he develops a ‘flat’ understanding of organisational routines which deemphasises mental and cognitive explanations of repetitive organisational action in favour of its material and embodied underpinnings.  Juan’s main theoretical referents include Garfinkel’s ethnomethodology and Latour’s actor-network theory.


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