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Dr Heather Kappes

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Marketing Faculty Group


Dr. Kappes joined LSE in 2012 after earning a PhD in Social Psychology at New York University. She takes a behavioural science approach to marketing, trying to understand what influences people as they pursue their goals (for instance, to run a race or to save money). Her current research looks at how adults and children think about wealth and spending, and how their beliefs predict their spending and financial resilience.

Dr. Kappes has a BS in Biopsychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and sometimes uses physiological measurements, like systolic blood pressure and heart rate variability, to help understand how people respond to different kinds of information and make decisions. These methods complement lab, online, and field experiments—supplemented occasionally with surveys and even qualitative data.

Dr. Kappes teaches marketing and consumer behaviour courses to undergraduates and masters students, as well as a course on motivation and goals in the Executive MSc in Behavioural Science. She coordinates an interdepartmental research development colloquium for early-career faculty in behavioural sciences. She is interested in ensuring the quality of research in psychology and related fields, participated in the Reproducibility Project: Psychology and Many Labs projects, and does periodic outreach on science in schools with the STEM Ambassadors program.

Research Interests

  • Consumer finance
  • Consumer goal pursuit
  • Research methods in psychology and marketing

Recent publications

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