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Room: NAB 5.23

Email: d.de-meza@lse.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 6576


Professor David de Meza

Eric Sosnow Professor of Management

Managerial Economics and Strategy Faculty Group

Research interests

  • The property rights theory of the firm
  • Optimism and entrepreneurship
  • Finance and insurance gaps in theory and practice
  • Incentive schemes

Selected publications

de Meza, D. & Webb, D. C. (1987) Too much investment: a problem of asymmetric information. Quarterly Journal of Economics

de Meza, D. & Gould, J. R. (1992) The social efficiency of private decisions to enforce property rights. Journal of Political Economy

de Meza, D. & Southey, C. (1996) The borrower's curse: optimism, finance and entrepreneurship. The Economic Journal

de Meza, D. & Lockwood, B. (1998) Does asset ownership always motivate managers? Outside options and the property rights theory of the firm. Quarterly Journal of Economics

de Meza, D. & Webb, D. C. (2001) Advantageous selection in insurance markets. RAND Journal of Economics

de Meza, D., & Xie, G. (2014) The deadweight gain of insurance taxation when risky activities are optional. Journal of Public Economics

Arabsheibani, G., Dawson, C., de Meza, D., Henley, A. (2014) Entrepreneurship: cause and consequence of financial optimism Journal of Economics and Management Strategy

de Meza, D. & Webb, D. C. (2016) False diagnoses: pitfalls of testing for asymmetric information in insurance markets. The Economic Journal