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Room: NAB 5.23

Email: d.de-meza@lse.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 6576


Professor David de Meza

Eric Sosnow Professor of Management

Managerial Economics and Strategy Faculty Group

Research interests

  • The property rights theory of the firm
  • Optimism and entrepreneurship
  • Finance and insurance gaps in theory and practice
  • Incentive schemes

Selected publications

de Meza, D., & Webb, D. C. (1987). Too much investment: a problem of asymmetric information. The quarterly journal of economics

de Meza, D., & Gould, J. R. (1992). The social efficiency of private decisions to enforce property rights. Journal of Political Economy

de Meza, D., & Southey, C. (1996). The borrower's curse: optimism, finance and entrepreneurship. The Economic Journal.

de Meza, D., & Lockwood, B. (1998). Does asset ownership always motivate managers? Outside options and the property rights theory of the firm. Quarterly Journal of Economics

de Meza, D., & Webb, D. C. (2001). Advantageous selection in insurance markets. RAND Journal of Economics

de Meza, D., and Xie, G. (2014) The deadweight gain of insurance taxation when risky activities are optional Journal of public economics

Arabsheibani, G., Dawson, C., de Meza, D., Henley, A. (2014) Entrepreneurship: Cause and consequence of financial optimism Journal of economics and management strategy