Dr Mislav Radic

Dr Mislav Radic

LSE Fellow

Department of Management

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NAB 4.29
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Key Expertise
Organisational Change, Organisational Identity, Social Innovation

About me

Mislav Radic is a Fellow in Organisational Behaviour at the Department of Management.

He holds a BA in Economics and an MA in Management from the University of Zagreb, and is currently finalising his PhD in Management from Cass Business School, City, University of London.

For his PhD dissertation, he explored the process of privatisation, from an organisational change perspective. The majority of his research lies at the boundaries between organisational and social change. Currently, his research is focused around three main areas.

First, he is broadly interested in why people in organisations experience change the way they do, with a particular interest in the role that identity and culture play in these processes. Second, he is interested in social innovation, and understanding how different types of organisations can engage in solving societal grand challenges. Third, from a policy and theoretical perspective, he is interested in the division between public and private interests. Thus, he explores the social and organizational implications of different types of privatisations, along with the new political responsibilities that technological corporations face. His work on the psychological impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility was published in the Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Psychology. His analyses strategies primarily use qualitative methods (e.g. interviews and archival data analysis) alongside computational text analysis techniques (e.g. topic modelling) to explore changes over time.

In addition to academic research, Mislav has worked with and consulted a number of private and public sector organisations, and is an active member of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers community with which he has worked on a variety of projects.

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Organisational Behaviour Research Group 

Expertise Details

Organisational Change; Organisational Identity; Social Innovation; Hybrid Organisations; Privatisations and Public-Private Partnerships; Corporate Social Responsibility; Qualitative Research Methods; Computational text analysis