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Join our academic workshop on digital platforms

Digital platforms have recently emerged as widespread systems or arrangements through which a great deal of human activity is conducted, and value is created and traded. The impressive diffusion of digital platforms in social and economic life has been matched by a growing scholarship on the subject and a mushrooming literature scattered over various social science fields, including information systems, management, economics, and media and communications.

It comes as no surprise that each of these fields tends to portray digital platforms in a different way. In management and economics, digital platforms are mostly considered as multisided markets that feature a range of cross-side dependencies among various types (sides) of platform participants. In information systems, digital platforms are predominantly viewed as technology-centred ecosystems of collective actors whose interactions evolve around the development and trading of new software applications. For the field of media and communications, digital platforms are predominantly social media platforms. The latter are often viewed as sites on which different forms of sociality and user interaction are encouraged against a complex background of commercial motives.

These perspectives on digital platforms are neither meant to be exhaustive nor are they necessarily mutually exclusive. In fact, they are all underlain by the idea that digital platforms are distinct settings in which various participants negotiate their interests under conditions that remain relatively open, shifting and evolving. The literature also betrays several efforts to draw on concepts and ideas that cut across the boundaries of fields.

It is through this distinct and interdisciplinary lens that delegates of LSE's sixteenth Social Study of Information and Communications Technologies Workshop (SSIT) will consider digital platforms, with the aim of encouraging debate and cross-fertilisation across research disciplines and theoretical perspectives. This one day workshop, hosted by the Information Systems and Innovation Faculty Group within LSE’s Department of Management, is open to both researchers and industry practitioners working in the field of digital innovation and systems. The unique programme draws from the fields of information systems, management, economics and media and communication and includes sessions delivered by leading researchers from the USA and Europe.

The workshop will take place on Thursday 4 May 2017 on the LSE campus. It is free to attend.

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Register before Friday 28 April 2017

If you have any queries, please contact dom.events@lse.ac.uk. Please note LSE will be closed between 13 - 19 April 2017 for the Easter closure.