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Fees and financing


Programme fees: £54,000

The fees cover:

  • Tuition
  • Course materials
  • Some meals and events in London
  • All accommodation, and some meals and events, for the Singapore and Istanbul modules

Please note that travel to all modules, and accommodation in London, is not included in the fees.

There will also be an application fee (currently £50 for online applications and £75 for postal applications, subject to change) and a pre-registration fee of £2,500. The pre-registration fee will be deducted from your overall tuition fee.

There are several payment options| available to pay your fees once you are a registered student. Please contact the LSE Fees Office| (|) with any questions.

Financing options

Unfortunately students on the EGMiM programme are not eligible for LSE scholarships (including the LSE Graduate Support Scheme), as the programme is designed for students to continue working and earning a salary while they study. However there are a range of other financing options available for the programme, outlined below:

The LSE has a dedicated Financial Support Office, and we encourage you to visit their website| where you can find full details about the range of funding opportunities available to LSE Master's students.

Employer sponsorship

We provide customised professional development| related to each student’s current employment role, and the programme can therefore be hugely beneficial to your company or organisation. 

We encourage you discuss this directly with your employer and make a case for their financial sponsorship if this is appropriate, as they will gain valuable return on their investment in sponsoring you:

Please note you should ensure you have the support of your current employer to attend all of the classroom teaching modules during the programme. The programme calendar is available here|.

External funding opportunities

A wide range of funding opportunities are available to students from across the world who plan to study on a postgraduate programme in the UK, provided by a number of organisations and charities. We recommend that you search and apply for any appropriate funding available to you, including scholarships, grant schemes, and fellowships.

The LSE’s Financial Support Office ‘Awards’ web pages provide details of external funding opportunities for students from the UK/European Union, and the rest of the world, listed A-Z by country:

The following websites also provide excellent resources to search for funding:

You can also contact the Education Ministry in your home country, or your national Embassy in London|, to find out more about funding opportunities for students of your nationality.

Bank loans and government loans

UK residents

Professional and Career Development Loans (PCLDs) are available to students who have lived in the UK for three years prior to taking out the loan (regardless of whether they are employed or not). Visit the Prospects website to find out more:|

Non-UK residents

For non-UK students, banks in your home country are also likely to offer student loans. Contact large banks based in your local region to find out about your options.

Your government may also have a student loan scheme, for example the Federal Direct Loan Program| in the United States. Contact the Education Ministry in your home country, or your national Embassy in London|, to find out more about any government loan schemes available to you.

Make sure a loan is right for you

If you’re considering taking out a loan to fund your studies, make sure you think about this decision carefully and choose an option with repayment terms which will be affordable and reasonable for you after you graduate.