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Public Lectures

Our public lectures cover a wide range of topics and speakers, and are open to students, staff and members of the public.

Upcoming events

Richard Reed

Lessons in how to create and how to succeed

Date: Tuesday 1 November 2016

Speaker: Richard Reed

Jacqueline J Lam

The future of entrepreneurship: Why the West should learn from China

Date: Monday 28 November 2016

Speaker: Jacqueline J Lam

Glass Wall

How to break down the glass wall: successful strategies for women at work

Date: Monday 5 December 2016

Speaker: Kathryn Jacob, Sue Unerman


Past events

Eric Schmidt

From LEO to DeepMind: Britain's computing pioneers

Date: Friday 14 October 2016

Speaker: Eric Schmidt

richard thaler

Misbehaving: the making of behavioural economics

Date: Wednesday 1 June 2016

Speaker: Professor Richard H Thaler


Service Automation: robots and the future of work 

Date: Monday 9 May 2016

Speaker: Professor Leslie Willcocks and Professor Mary Lacity

Bohnet Iris

What works: gender equality by design

Date: Thursday 14 April 2016

Speaker: Professor Iris Bohnet

Alec Ross

The innovations of the future

Date: Monday 22 February 2016

Speaker: Alec Ross


Limitless – leadership that endures

Date: Wednesday 27 January 2016

Speaker: Ajaz Ahmed

Image of Caroline Webb

How to have a good day

Date: Wednesday 13 January 2016

Speaker: Caroline Webb

The Future of the Professions

The Future of the Professions: how technology will transform the work of human experts

Date: Monday 30 November 2015

Speakers: Daniel Susskind and Professor Richard Susskind

Gillian Tett

The Silo Effect: why putting everything in its place isn't such a bright idea

Date: Wednesday 14 October 2015

Speaker: Gillian Tett, US managing editor and columnist at the Financial Times

David Halpern

Inside the Nudge Unit: how small changes can make a big difference

Date: Tuesday 15 September 2015

Speaker: Dr David Halpern, CEO of The Behavioural Insights Team

 Michael Maccoby

Maccoby on global leadership

Date: Thursday 2 July 2015

Speaker: Michael Maccoby; Panellists: Marc Stears, Mari Sako; Moderator: Stefan Stern

Amitav Chakravarti

Why people (don't) buy: the go and stop signals

Date: Thursday 11 June 2015

Speaker: Professor Amitav Chakravarti, Professor of Marketing, LSE

Laszlo Bock

Work rules! Insights from inside Google that will transform how you live and lead

Date: Monday 18 May 2015

Speaker: Laszlo Bock, Head of People Operations, Google

Dr Gary Klein

Seeing what others don't – the remarkable ways we gain insights

Date:  Thursday 26 March 2015

Speaker: Dr Gary Klein

Professor Laurence Monnoyer-Smith

Institutionalising public deliberation: empowerment or appeasement?

Date:  Wednesday 28 January 2015

Speaker:  Professor Laurence Monnoyer-Smith


Uncertainty as competitive advantage

Date:  Monday 1 December 2014

Speaker:  Mark Phillips