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Ethnomethodology of Information Infrastructures

Speaker: Dr Gian Marco Campagnolo, Institute for the Study of Science, Technology & Innovation (ISSTI), University of Edinburgh

Date and location: Monday 21 May 2012, 1530-1700

Location: NAB 4.21

The long-standing problem examined by sociologists of ³Big Science², that is the coordination of individuals on large-scale projects, assumes new dimensions with the emergence of increasingly interconnected and networked information systems supporting scientific and technological work, known as information infrastructures. The way pervasive cooperation in these settings outlines and outperforms the usual interactional mechanisms, suggested scholars providing practice-based examinations of ³Big Science² to consider whether their theoretical accounts needs some revisions to become theoretically adequate for global social forms. Similarly in this talk I will experiment the adequacy of an ethnomethodological account for a large scale corporate information infrastructure project.

Gian Marco Campagnolo is Lecturer in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies at the University of Edinburgh, where he researches on the nature of expertise in technological fields. Gian Marco's blog|