Chia-Chi  Chang

Chia-Chi Chang

PhD student in Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour

Department of Management

About me

Chia-Chi holds a BA (Distinction) in Psychology and a MSc in Clinical & Health Psychology from the National Taiwan University. His Master's thesis explored the employee’s perception of work stressors by a model which integrated P-E Fit Theory, Demand-Control model and Effort-Reward Imbalance model. Chia-Chi is also a National Certified Clinical Psychologist in Taiwan, gaining his experience in individual psychotherapy (Cognitive-Behaviour Therapeutic Approach) and psychological assessment in National Taiwan University Hospital.

Chia-Chi had participated in many research projects. He was a RA in Prof. Felipe Gonzalez Castro’s lab in Arizona State University, primarily focusing on the project about resilience of Hispanic leaders and employees. In 2010, he was the RA of Prof. Wan-Yu Yeh in the Institute of Occupational Health in Council of Labour Affairs, working on the project of “Measurement and Statistical Analysis of Psychological Stress of Workers in Taiwan”. During his pursuing of MSc in Clinical & Health Psychology, he joined Prof En-Chang Wu’s project on the coping and psychological process of chronic disease patients. 

Chia-Chi’s strong interest in academic work of stress in the workplace and passion for teaching future students motivated him to pursue a PhD under the supervision of Professor Coyle-Shapiro and Dr Chia-Huei Wu.


Psychological contract; work stress and stress perception; work stress coping process; employee emotion and health