Governing Compact Cities

Hosted by LSE Cities

G.01, Tower 1


Philipp Rode

Sue Parnell

Ben Plowden


Tony Travers

Governing Compact Cities investigates how governments and other critical actors organise to enable compact urban growth, combining higher urban densities, mixed use and urban design quality with more walkable and public transport-oriented urban development. In this talk, Philipp Rode will draw on empirical evidence from London and Berlin to examine how urban policymakers, professionals and stakeholders have worked across disciplinary silos, geographic scales and different time horizons since the early 1990s. Rode will focus on how the underlying institutional arrangements connecting strategic urban planning, city design and transport policy in the two case study cities has supported more integrated urban governance and enabled more compact growth.

Philipp Rode (@PhilippRode) is Executive Director of LSE Cities and Associate Professorial Research Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Ben Plowden (@BenPlowden) is Director of Strategy and Network Development for Surface Transport at Transport for London.

Susan Parnell is an urban geographer at the University of Cape Town.

Tony Travers is Director of the IPA and also of LSE London.

LSE Cities (@LSECities) is an international centre carrying out research, education and outreach in the urban field. This event falls under the centre's research into Urban Governance

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Photography courtesy: Colin / Wikimedia Commons

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