Ali Emam

LSE is dedicated to understanding the causes of things, rather than merely explaining them. This motto encourages people here to exercise their thoughts and knowledge in ways that provide them with the necessary skills needed to succeed in life, whatever the situation.

LSE is a world-class institution, and is recognised as such by employers and academics, as well as many others. Thus, graduating from LSE significantly elevates one's level of employability as well as academic status. I particularly enjoy this course because it allows you to choose modules that are of interest to you throughout your years of study. Even the core modules include the perspective of a number of different disciplines, such as psychology, economics, law, sociology and history. What you learn is not only taught by the best academics in the world, but is also applicable to 'real-life' – making it practical as well as theoretical.

LSE is in the centre of London, surrounded by nightlife, history and prestige. LSE celebrates diversity; the students here are from all over the world, and the highly qualified and famous academics here are second to none. I have made many very good friends here, from all over the world, and as well as working very hard, we also enjoy having serious fun!

After I graduate, I intend to go to Harvard Law School, where I will either specialise in human rights law, or employment law.

Please see Employment relations and organisational behaviour|