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Advice and counselling

LSE Student Counselling Service

This is a free and confidential service for all LSE students, which aims to help you cope more effectively with any personal or study related  difficulties. The Student Counselling Service web page| has further information and links to self-help websites for students.

LSE Students' Union Advice and Support Service

Professional advisers in the SU offer help for students with legal, financial and welfare issues.

The SU advisers can help with a range of issues including landlord and tenant contracts; immigration, including student visa extensions; post study work visas, academic appeals, and general welfare advice.

The service offers advice on debts, grants, loans and council tax. Hardship funds are also available to help with unexpected medical costs, homelessness, disability, council tax, repeating students' costs, women's right to choose and childcare costs.

A counsellor is also available for students who are concerned about their emotional and mental welfare or who are feeling stressed or depressed. 

The Union also provides independent support and representation through a number of School procedures. 

All services are free of charge and advice and counselling are provided in strict confidence.

Advisers to male and female students

Members of the academic staff act as the advisers to male and female students. They are available to discuss all issues of concern to students in the School, including sexual harassment, and to offer advice and support to students with personal problems.