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Academic guidance

We expect our students to spend a substantial part of their time in guided private study, in addition to the formal instruction provided in lectures and classes. For those who need some advice about how to proceed with their private study, LSE offers several services.

Teachers and academic advisers

For any guidance about a particular class, there is the class teacher; there is also a teacher responsible for each course, who guides the class teachers.

Each student has an academic adviser, who receives regular reports from class teachers and meets with the student during the course of the year to discuss their academic progress. The academic adviser is also there to help with any academic, administrative or personal questions where the student may not be sure which person or office is responsible.

In addition, each department has a Departmental Tutor responsible for the day to day running of undergraduate studies in the department.

All members of academic staff set aside specified times (office hours) when they are free to see any student.

Deans of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

The Deans are responsible for general oversight of the student experience, including the relationship between the academic and administrative aspects of teaching and welfare. The Deans act as a channel for complaints, problems and suggestions and liaise with student programme representatives.

Please note that the Dean of Undergraduate Studies post is currently vacant, and the role of the Deans of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies are currently under review, so there may be changes in future, however we will continue to provide you with central School support for your personal and welfare issues.