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LSE Rent Guarantor Scheme

Applications for the LSE Rent Guarantor Scheme are now welcome.

The School has recognised the need for such an initiative following the increasing trend of landlords/agents to ask for a UK based guarantor, or alternatively up to six months rent in advance. It is hoped that a School sponsored RGS will give LSE students a more competitive edge within the London rental market.

Who will be eligible?

  • Any continuing, full time registered LSE student of international status
  • Any student who has lived in an LSE residence in a previous year, subject to the approval of the warden, and does not have any outstanding debts with the School as of 10 June 2017.

What will the RGS cover?

  • Property to be covered must have been sourced via LSE Student Pad or the University of London Housing Services Property Database 
  • Monthly rent covered not to exceed more than £720.00 per single application
  • Rent covered would only apply for a period of the tenancy where a student’s status remains as full time and registered
  • Contracts of one year in duration. Contracts of any longer than one year will not be eligible.

How will the RGS operate?

  • The RGS will be run by the Residential Services Office (RSO)
  • Students interested in the RGS would be required to complete an online application
  • The RSO will assess each application against eligibility criteria
  • Successful applicants will then be contacted by the RSO and will be required to pay an administrative fee of £50.00 each
  • The RSO would then contact the landlord/agency directly and provide an LSE Letter of Guarantor

Responsibility of Student

  • Students are responsible for having their tenancy contract checked in advance of signing
  • The SU-Advice Centre and University of London Housing Service offer a free contract checking service
  • The tenancy agreement must be signed by the tenant and Landlord or Agent
  • LSE will not co-sign or act on behalf of the tenant in the contract agreement
  • Students must pay their rent at the agreed periods of the contract

Responsibility of LSE

  • In cases of rental defaults, the Landlord/Agent should contact the LSE direct as per the terms of the Letter of Guarantor
  • LSE will cover the rent direct with the Landlord/Agent  as agreed within the terms of the Letter of Guarantor
  • LSE will then invoice the student concerned to recoup monies paid as per the terms of the Letter of Guarantor
  • The normal LSE debt chasing procedure will apply to unpaid invoices

Where can I apply?

  • If you feel that you match all the above criteria, you are welcome to complete the online application form through the link below

Apply Now