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Refurbishment and planned maintenance works in halls

Photograph of a hard-hatProviding LSE students with homes that are positive places to live and study, and that offer comfortable, modern facilities in central London means that sometimes, refurbishment and maintenance works are run during the academic year.

This page is updated monthly. Projects and schedules sometimes change at short notice, but we're aiming to keep the information on this page as accurate as possible.

Please use this information as an indication of planned work rather than as a detailed plan. Before you apply for a place in halls, please read and consider this information carefully, as it might affect your preferred hall.

Bankside House planned works

Heating supply modifications. Work on this project is likely to start in September but will continue into the new academic year, with an estimated schedule of 18 weeks. The project involves replacing a control unit in every bedroom. This will enable us to put the heating on a central control system for the future. We will give you notification when we need to access your rooms. The work will involve some drilling but it should not be extensive, although the contractors may have to drill through metal on occasions, which will be noisy.  

We will have a much better energy efficient heating system once this project is completed.  

Starting in October 2015 until the end of Michaelmas work will take place on the lighting in the corridors/stairwells. Please be careful when exiting your room, as contractors will be on ladders in the corridors and running cabling, there will also be minimal drilling. 

During October 2015 work will take place at Bankside House to install a CHP (combined heat and power unit).  This project  should not effect our residents.

During November 2015  work will take place at Bankside House to install solar panels. This project  should not effect our residents.

Butler's Wharf Residence planned works

Commencing Monday 6th July, access will be required to all flats ( communal areas ) to install PIR’s. The PIR ( Passive Infra Red sensors ) will control the extract fans to the kitchens, toilets and shower room areas. This project is likely to take approximately 14 weeks. Access will be required to communal areas of the flat but not your bedrooms. Access may also be required when they are working in neighbouring flats. The project will involve a lot of cabling and minimal drilling. 

From 13th July installation of lighting in stairwells/corridors will commence and will take 15 weeks. This may involve some cabling and minimal drilling. No access to flats will be required, although the risers cupboards outside your flats will need to be accessed on a regular basis. Care must be taken when leaving your flat, as there may be electrician’s working on ladders, whilst undertaking cabling.

From 1st September 2015, new smoke detectors will be installed in all bedrooms. This project is scheduled to take 6-8 weeks. There will be some noisy works over this period and work will take place between 9.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

To see a schedule of the works being done surrounding the smoke detector installation, and to find out when your accommodation will be affected, please visit: Smoke detector upgrade schedule for Butler' Wharf

Carr-Saunders Hall planned works

The fifth and fourth floors at Carr-Saunders Residence will be completely refurbished from the middle of August 2015 through to April 2016. There is likely to be noise disruption from the work between 9:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday throughout the first two academic terms. This will be on an intermittent basis, but can be heard throughout the building.  Occasional weekend work might be required to keep on top of the project finish date.

We will endeavour to keep our residents informed throughout, to ensure their safety.

Grosvenor House planned works

Currently no scheduled works at Grosvenor House.

High Holborn Residence planned works

The eight and seventh floor at High Holborn Residence will be completely refurbished for the middle of August 2015 through to December 2015. There is likely to be noise disruption from the work between 9:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday throughout the first academic term. This will be on an intermittent basis, but can be heard throughout the building. High Holborn has a common room/ study area that can be used during these times. Occasional weekend work might be required to keep on top of the project finish date.

Lilian Knowles House planned works

Major building works on a nearby building will be ongoing until late 2017, with the possibility of significant noise from 8:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday and 8:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays.

Northumberland House planned works

A number of kitchens will be refurbished at Northumberland House in the coming year. Final details to be published shortly.

Passfield Hall planned works

University College London (UCL), one of Passfield Hall's Bloomsbury neighbours, is currently working through a master plan to improve its built infrastructure. Endsleigh Place - the road opposite our main entrance - will be used as a holding bay for heavy plant vehicles before they can proceed to the UCL campus building sites. Works start at the end of October 2014 and are expected to continue for 18 months. The area will be marshalled to help facilitate access and minimise disruption. For more information, visit: UCL Bloomsbury Masterplan.

External re-decoration of the annex buildings is planned for July 2015 and is expected to last 6 months. Both buildings will also be thoroughly examined for further exterior defects. This project will involve the assembly of scaffold and restrictions at times.

We will endeavour to keep our residents informed throughout this process, to ensure their safety and to keep disruption to a minimum.

Current residents can obtain more information about the scope of this project on Passfield project board.

We'll refresh the decorative fabric of the bathrooms throughout the year. This means that your nearest bathroom may be closed for a couple of days. Should this be the case, we ask you to use the next available bathroom on your floor.

During Summer 2015 work will take place on the Passfield boiler house to fit a CHP (combined heat and power unit). 

Rosebery Hall planned works

During Summer 2015  all corridor lighting in Rosebery will be upgraded and all bathrooms in the Myddelton Wing will be converted to showers.

The lifts in the Myddelton Wing have been causing ongoing problems and need complete refurbishment. They are over 22 years old and finding spare parts is becoming increasingly difficult. We have decided to take them out of commission and refurbish them completely, according to the following schedule:

7th September 2015 to the end of January 2016:  Lift No 2 will be out of action for refurbishment .Only lift No 1 will operate. 

Sidney Webb House planned works

Refurbishment of the kitchens in Blocks D and E at Sidney Webb House has now been completed.

There are currently no further planned refurbishment works.

UNITE Stratford ONE planned works

Currently no information.

urbanest King’s Cross planned works

The King’s Cross area continues to be developed, and there will be building works next to urbanest King's Cross until approximately August 2015. Some noise disruption may occur during the day. Facilities and services at urbanest King's Cross are not expected to be affected during this time.