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Connaught Hall
University of London
36-45 Tavistock Square


Reservations Team
4th Floor Student Central
Malet Street
Tel. 020 7862 8881
Fax. 020 7862 8084

Connaught Hall

Connaught Hall is located in central London and close to many of the University of London colleges. Housing up to 230 male and female students of the various colleges and institutes of the University of London the hall has approximately 204 single rooms with shared bathrooms, 17 single en suites, 2 double en suites, 10 twin rooms, and 1 flat. Two meals a day are served in the spacious dining room.

*Availability Update 2017/18 Applications*
All graduate spaces in this residence have been fully allocated.


Fees 2016-17
Full session (40 weeks), including two meals a day
Annual cost: £5,576.37 – £10,573.93 (40 week contract)

Single room with shared bathroom £168.95 - £201.89 per week
Single en suite room £238.73 per week
Twin room (two sharers) £139.91 - £150.89 per week
Double studio £265.30 per week

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Contract length
Connaught Hall offers a 40 week contract, which includes the Christmas and Easter vacations.

You will not be able to stay at Connaught Hall during the summer vacation, but if you have a valid academic reason for remaining in London throughout the summer, you may be offered accommodation in another residence.

Connaught Hall is situated within a 21 minute walk of the LSE on Tavistock Square near to Euston.

Closest tube stations: Euston Station, Euston Square, and Russell Square.

University of London intercollegiate halls of residences
Connaught Hall is a University of London intercollegiate hall of residence. LSE have reserved a total of 227 spaces for LSE students in University of London intercollegiate halls. 

  • uol_intercollegiate_bannerfw238x105To be eligible, you must be a registered, full-time student at LSE. 
  • When applying for accommodation at LSE, we will ask you to state your preferences for intercollegiate halls.

For further on Connaught Hall, visit: Connaught Hall