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Carr-Saunders Hall is located just off Tottenham Court Road and near Regent's Park. It accommodates up to 160 students in 10 twin rooms with shared bathrooms, four twin en suite rooms and 132 single rooms.

*Availability Update 2017/18 Applications*
All rooms in this residence are sold out. Applicants are advised not to apply for this residence.

Fees 2017-18
Full session (31 weeks) including six evening meals and one brunch per week.
Annual cost: £4,483.65 - £6,240.90 (31 week contract)

Single rooms £205.10 per week
Twin rooms (two sharers) £137.20 per week
Twin en suite rooms (two sharers) £147.35 per week
Common room fee £20 per term
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Contract length
Carr-Saunders offers a 31 week contract which excludes the Christmas or Easter vacations. Subject to availability, you can make an additional booking to stay at your hall during Christmas or Easter.

You will not be able to stay in Carr-Saunders during the summer vacation, but if you have a valid academic reason for remaining in London throughout the summer, you may be offered accommodation in another residence.

Room sizes
Sizes are for guidance only, as rooms vary. The price of a room depends on factors such as location within the building, available natural light, or how close it is to shared facilities. That means that a more expensive room is not necessarily larger, or a smaller room cheaper. 

Single room size on average 9m²
Twin room size on average 20m²

Carr-Saunders hall is situated near the Telecom Tower just off Tottenham Court Road, approximately a 25 minute walk away from the School.
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Closest tube stations: Warren Street, Goodge Street
How to get to Carr-Saunders
Local area map

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Are meals included in the rent?
Yes. Carr-Saunders is a catered hall which offers a wide range of hot and cold foods. Vegetarian, halal and kosher alternatives are always available. Six evening meals and one brunch are served within the dining room, and are inclusive within the rent. Shared snack point kitchens are available with limited facilities on each floor.

What is provided in the kitchens?
There are snack points on each floor, shared by a large number of residents. They have 24 hour access to these and can prepare breakfast, snacks or light meals as and when they wish. Snack points are equipped with basic facilities that one would expect, for example, cookers, microwaves, toasters, kettles and fridges. 
Also see: What we provide in each hall [PDF]

Does Carr-Saunders Hall have Wi-Fi?
Yes. All areas including bedrooms have Wi-Fi. Additionally, there is a high speed LAN socket in your room, that allows you to connect straight to the LSE network and the internet.

What shared areas are there?
A large TV/common room and a lively basement bar are shared by all residents. There is also a card-operated laundry on the ground floor, with irons and ironing boards. The price of a wash is currently £2.80 and a dry is £1.40. Also see: What we provide in each hall [PDF]

Are the halls cleaned?
The communal areas of the hall are cleaned daily but you are responsible for cleaning your own room.

What bedding do I need to bring?
The hall supplies duvets and pillows but you must provide and launder your own bed linen and towels. Also see: What we provide in each hall [PDF] 

Freddy says:

'Carr-Saunders has an amazing sense of community and gives you unbelievable value for money within a central London location. From the start, so many people were so welcoming that the social aspect which I had been worried about wasn’t an issue at all. There are two large supermarkets within a five minute walk from the hall. For any other shopping, Oxford Street is a ten minute walk away. Just down Maple Street is our 'local pub' which shows live sports and offers some good student deals. For a student in London, this is a perfect area to live in.'


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