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LSE Bankside House 
24 Sumner Street
London SE1 9JA

Tel: +44 (0)20 7107 5750
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Bankside House virtual tour and information

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Bankside House is located close to the Tate Modern art gallery on the south side of the River Thames. It houses up to 617 students in 527 single and 45 twin rooms. Over 250 rooms (including all twin rooms) have private shower and toilet facilities. All others are sharing a shower/toilet suite with just one room.

Fees 2015-16
Full session (38 weeks), including six dinners and one brunch per week during term-time.
Annual cost: £4,809.75 - £8,334.25 (38 week contract)

Single room with shared bathroom £199.50 per week
Single en suite room £205.10 - £220.15 per week
Twin en suite room (two sharers) £127.05 - £141.05 per week
Common room fee - £10 per term
Also see: LSE accommodation fees 2015-16| [PDF]

Contract length
Bankside House offers a 38 week contract, which includes the Christmas and Easter vacations.
You will not be able to stay at Bankside House during the summer vacation, but if you have a valid academic reason for remaining in London throughout the summer, you may be offered accommodation in another residence.

Room sizes
Sizes are for guidance only, as rooms vary. The price of a room depends on factors such as location within the building, available natural light, or how close it is to shared facilities. That means that a more expensive room is not necessarily larger, or a smaller room cheaper. 

Single room size ranges from 12.5m² to 17.1m²
Twin room size ranges from 23.5m² to 25.3m²

Bankside House is situated within a 25 minute walk of the School on the South Bank of the River Thames near to the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern art gallery. Also visit: Life around Bankside House|

Closest tube stations: Southwark, London Bridge
How to get to Bankside|
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Are meals included in the rent?
Yes. Bankside House is a catered hall offering a wide range of hot and cold foods. Vegetarian, halal and kosher alternatives are always available. Six evening meals and one brunch are served within the dining room, and are inclusive within the rent. During the Christmas and Easter vacations, meals are not included, but your weekly room rate stays constant throughout the 38 weeks. Shared snack point kitchens are available on each floor. Also see: LSE accommodation fees 2015-16| [PDF]

What is provided in the snack point kitchens?
There are snack points on each floor, shared by a large number of residents. They allow them to prepare breakfast, snacks or light meals.  Snack points are equipped with basic facilities that one would expect, for example, cookers, microwaves, toasters, kettles and fridges.  Snack points are locked overnight from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. Also see: What we provide in each hall| [PDF]

Does the Bankside House have Wi-Fi?
Yes. All areas including bedrooms have Wi-Fi. Additionally, there is a high speed LAN socket in your room, that allows you to connect straight to the LSE network and the internet. Also see: What we provide in each hall| [PDF]

What shared areas are there?
The lower ground floor houses a student bar and games room, as well as quiet study, table tennis and TV rooms. There are six TV lounges. Also available is an inexpensive, card-operated laundry and ironing room.
Also see: What we provide in each hall| [PDF]

Is there disabled access?
Yes. The building features good disabled access.

Are the halls cleaned?
The communal areas of the hall are cleaned daily, but you are responsible for cleaning your own room. However, at Bankside House, you are able to book a cleaning service. For details and rates check the Student Halls Handbook| .

What bedding do I need to bring?
The hall provides pillows, mattresses and duvets but residents will have to supply and launder their own bed linen and towels.
Also see: What we provide in each hall| [PDF]

Ravinda says:

'Bankside House is one of LSE's best halls. Not only are the facilities incredible, but it is also in a great location just 25 minutes walk from campus. The Tate Modern, Globe Theatre and numerous restaurants on the Southbank are all on our doorstep and there are plenty of great photo opportunities to be had on the Millennium Bridge. In addition, the student committee have organised some amazing events over the last year, from the Christmas boat party to paint balling events in the summer. There's never a dull moment at Bankside.'

Alexander says:

'Bankside is an exciting place to live. The Tate Modern, St.Paul's Cathedral and the Globe Theatre are only a few minutes away from the residence. I personally enjoy jogging along the South Bank - Every time I feel as if I am on a sightseeing tour. The committee at Bankside organises various events which cater for different interests, such as Thames boat parties, international food nights, football tournaments and museum visits.'

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