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Accepting or declining an offer

Accept your offer

To accept your offer, you need to complete three steps that are detailed below. 

The timeline of when you should complete these steps differs slightly, depending on the status of your offer to study with the School. To view the exact acceptance process for your status, please review the following documents:

Please review the following for more information on individual steps:

1. Accept your offer in Hallpad before the deadline stated in your offer email

This initial offer email also tells you which hall you have been allocated to and whether your place is in a single or shared room. If you are a graduate student, a continuing or an undergraduate student with an unconditional offer to study with the School, your initial offer will also confirm you specific room rate and type. For all other students, your actual rent level will be confirmed later in step three.

Please note, this only refers to offers in LSE halls and does not relate to urbanest halls, Lilian Knowles House or University of London Intercollegiate halls. If your offer is for a place in a non LSE hall, continue to: Offers in non LSE halls

Accepting the initial offer will tell us that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of Residence [PDF] and accept them.

2. Confirm your place with the Deposit payment

Please note: never send us your credit or debit card details over email or in the post. Ordinarily, Deposit payments will not  appear in your CAS Statement. If you require your accommodation Deposit payment to appear on your CAS Statement as a matter of urgency, please contact: accommodation@lse.ac.uk

Please note, that while we can try to arrange this, it cannot be guaranteed.

The amount you need to pay is £250 (individuals) or £500 (couples).  Payment can be made via Hallpad. If we have NOT received the Deposit payment by the deadline as given in the offer email, your accommodation offer will be withdrawn.

Full acceptance of your offer occurs at the moment you have made both the payment of your Deposit (if we requested a deposit payment from you) and accepted our Terms and Conditions of Residence [PDF] in your initial offer. After both steps are complete, you are fully bound by your Agreement with the School and liable for all fees for your room.

NOTE:  Your Deposit payment will be held throughout the term of your stay and is credited against your final term's fees. 

3. Review and acknowledge your Confirmation of Accommodation Document

Closer to your arrival date, we will issue you with a Confirmation of Accommodation Document. This document will confirm your exact room rate and type, if we have not done so already.

Before you can arrive at the hall, you must review and acknowledge this in your Hallpad account. Once this is done, your Hallpad account status will change to “Ready To Arrive”.

NOTE: We always try to match you to the rate level that you have asked for when you applied. Sometimes this is not possible, because:

  • the rate you selected in your application is not available in the hall where you have accepted an offer, or
  • there are too many applications for the rate band that you have selected.

NOTE: If you are NOT expecting to stay in your hall for the entire academic session you should note that you remain liable for the full fees, regardless of your departure date.

Offers in non LSE halls
If you were made an offer of accommodation with Lilian Knowles House, urbanest King's Cross, Zebra Housing Association or University of London halls, please accept your offer in Hallpad as detailed in step one above. We will then forward your details to the respective organisation, who will be in touch with you directly to request a deposit payment and confirm your place. They will also give you details about your room type and rate.

Decline your offer

What happens if I decline my offer of accommodation?
Please note that where LSE offer holders are guaranteed an offer of accommodation (First year undergraduate and General Course students), LSE guarantee making one offer of accommodation only. Once offers have been made, LSE cannot amend accommodation offers, except upon medical grounds which have been verified by the Disability and Wellbeing Service.  Students must either accept or decline offers of accommodation. In the event that you decline your offer of accommodation, you will be invited to join the Waiting list. Also see: Waiting list policy [PDF].

If you have not yet made your Deposit payment
Please decline the offer in Hallpad straight away, rather than waiting for your deadline to pass. This will allow us to offer the place to another student immediately. 

If you have already made your deposit payment
If your change your mind AFTER making the Deposit payment, please contact us as soon as possible at: accommodation@lse.ac.uk

  • Full acceptance of your offer occurs at the moment you have made both the payment of your Deposit (if we requested a deposit payment from you) and accepted our Terms and Conditions of Residence [PDF] in your initial offer. Once made, Deposit payments are only refundable under the following circumstances:

    • You do not meet the conditions of your offer to study with the School and you notify us of your intention to cancel by 31 July 2017.
    • You decline an offer to study at the School and you notify us of your intention to cancel by 31 July 2017.
    • You are declined a visa to study in the UK and  you notify us of your intention to cancel by 31 July 2017.
    • All Deposit payments made on or after 1 August 2017 are non-refundable.

  • Cancellations must be sent in writing to: accommodation@lse.ac.uk
  • Deposit payment refunds will be returned to the same payment card or account that was used to make the deposit payment. Payments made in cash, will be refunded by sterling cheque drawn on the School's bank account.
  • The School cannot be held responsible for any loss arising from exchange rate fluctuations between the dates of the receipt of the Deposit payment and the sending of a refund.
  • In the event of a refund having to be made, any applicable bank charges will be met by the student.