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Private housing queries: private.housing@lse.ac.uk


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Student accommodation


The LSE residential services office allocates over 4000 places across 17 locations in the centre of London. This gives you unique access to a broad variety of student rooms that suit different preferences, needs and budgets.

What's on offer? Great value rooms, with or without en suite, shared rooms and studios. Utility bills, internet access and content insurance are included. You'll save on travel costs, as most residences are within walking distance of LSE. Contracts are available on a 31, 38, 40 or 50 week basis, with catered and self-catered options. To compare prices, room types and catering options across halls, visit: Fees

As a first year undergraduate or General Course student, LSE guarantees you an offer of accommodation, as long as you apply before the deadline. We give priority to students with disabilities. Find out more: Will I be offered a place?

A mix of students lives in each hall. Home and overseas, men and women and in some residences undergraduate and postgraduate students. View and compare our Halls at a glance.

Refurbishment and maintenance works are sometimes run during the academic term. To make you aware of any possible disruption before you arrive, we list any Refurbishment and planned maintenance works.

Prefer private sector accommodation? Visit our information section on private housing. We also offer short term temporary accommodation in our residences, so you have somewhere to stay while you're flat hunting. Visit: Temporary accommodation for LSE students

All LSE residential halls are located within a 3 mile radius of the school, with travel to campus taking an average of 20 minutes.

Click the map for a larger version [opens in a new window].

Map of LSE residences with School location indicated - large version

Bankside House | Butler's Wharf Residence | Carr-Saunders Hall | College Hall | Connaught HallGrosvenor House | High Holborn Residence | International Hall | Lilian Knowles House | Lillian Penson Hall | Northumberland House | Nutford House | Passfield Hall | Rosebery Hall | Sidney Webb House | urbanest King's Cross | urbanest Westminster Bridge

Application deadlines

  • 20 May 2016: continuing students
  • 30 June 2016: first year undergraduate and general course students. 
  • 31 July 2016: graduate students

Once a deadline has passed, we cannot guarantee any applicants applying from this group will receive an offer and no further offers of accommodation will be made until August. First year undergraduate and general course applicants will be given priority in August if vacancies arise at this time. Applications for 2016-17 are now open. To apply, visit: Hallpad

Application process 

Individual and couple applicants

Create your Hallpad accommodation system account. You need your LSE Student ID number from your offer letter. To appy, visit: Hallpad

If you have any questions or problems at any stage in the process, contact us via the contact box on the left.

Family applicants

LSE work in partnership with University of London (International Hall) and Zebra Housing Association to provide accommodation for students attending the LSE with families. The accommodation available for families is in limited supply, and it is subject to the current residents handing in their notices to leave, which they can do at 28 days notice. This means that accommodation can become available at any time during the academic year, and both Zebra Housing and the University of London manage waiting lists for their properties directly to take account of this.

1. Create your Hallpad accommodation system account. You need your LSE Student ID number from your offer letter. To apply, visit: Hallpad

2. Choose the ‘Family Application’ form. Complete your preferred residences and submit your choices together with your application.

3. You will receive an email from Residential Services which will invite you to apply to Zebra Housing or University of London directly, and providing you with details of how to do this.   Separately, Residential Services will contact Zebra Housing and the University of London to confirm that you are an eligible LSE applicant for family housing.

4. Complete an application with Zebra Housing or the University of London following the steps that will be outlined to you in the email you receive from Residential Services.

5. You will need to wait  for a decision from either Zebra Housing or the University of London.  If they are able to make you an offer of accommodation, they will contact you directly to confirm all details including how to make a deposit payment and further information on the accommodation available.

If you have any questions or problems at any stage in the process, contact us via the contact box on the left.


Application deadlines

 What are the closing dates for applications?

Once a deadline has passed, we cannot guarantee any applicants applying from this group will receive an offer and no further offers of accommodation will be made until August. First year undergraduate and general course applicants will be given priority in August if vacancies arise at this time.


20 May 2016: continuing students


30 June 2016: first year undergraduate and general course students


31 July 2016: graduate students

I submitted my application. When will I hear from you?

We aim to contact you within approximately 28 days of receiving your application. We will not process your application until you have firmly accepted your offer to study at the School. For more information visit: After you have applied.

Financial queries

Does my rent include content insurance?

Yes, all term time residents are insured by our block policy with Cover 4 Students. Have a look at their LSE Policy.


Different policy arrangements are in place at UNITE, urbanest and Sanctuary Students halls.

What is included in my rent?

Gas/Electricity bills, internet and basic insurance are included. In some halls, catering is included, too, see: LSE accommodation fees 2016-17 [PDF]

You will be charged a common room fee, and if you own a television, you are required by law to purchase a TV licence as this won't be covered by the residence. Also see: What we provide in each hall [PDF]

Contract length

Can I change the length of my contract?

No, contract length, start and end dates are fixed. Though we do offer a few different contract lengths. Also see: LSE accommodation fees 2016-17 [PDF]


Also see: Leaving early or swapping rooms

Can I apply for different contract lengths and different budget ranges in my application?

Our application process only allows you to select one preferred budget range, but within this range you can rank any room type and contract length. This is to enable us to manage the large volume of applications in the most efficient way.

Your arrival date

I have a place in halls, when can I move in?

The move in date for all LSE halls, urbanest Westminster Bridge, urbanest King's Cross, and Lilian Knowles House is 18 September 2016

The move in date for the intercollegiate halls is 11 September 2016.  

Your moving in date will be confirmed in your licence agreement, so please check there before making travel arrangements.

Can I move in early?

Depending on the individual hall, it may be possible to arrive before the official start date, and to move into your hall early. For more information on arriving early at halls, visit: Arriving early at your hall 2016-17

Changes and cancellations

Can I swap my room with someone else?

It is not possible for the Residential Services Office to swap rooms prior to arrival date or within the first two weeks of the Michaelmas term.

If you are thinking about swapping rooms, you will need to find another eligible student who is willing to swap with you. For full information on how to swap rooms, visit: Leaving early or swapping rooms

I accepted my room, but now I can't come to study at LSE. What should I do?

We will only issue refunds of pre-payments to students who either do not meet their offer requirements to study at the School, or who are unsuccessful in obtaining a Visa to study in the UK. All cancellations must be made via email to accommodation@lse.ac.uk. Cancellations must be received before 1 August 2016.

Different cancellation policies apply for Intercollegiate Halls, King’s Cross, Westminster Bridge or Lilian Knowles. For these halls, please check the terms and conditions that were sent to you when you received your offer. 

If you have any further queries regarding cancellations, please contact us. Also visit: Accepting or declining an offer

The waiting list

I have received an email inviting me to join the waiting list. Why?

If we cannot offer you a place in the first instance, and your application has been declined, withdrawn, or cancelled then you are invited to join our waiting list. 

This may happen for example if you miss your deadline for offer acceptance, if you decline your offer, or if your application as a graduate student is unsuccessful.

Please join the waiting list as soon as possible in order to be considered for accommodation in residences. Also see: After you have applied

I am on the waiting list. Will I be made an offer of accommodation?

If you decline an offer of accommodation from us, you will have the option of joining our waiting list. We will only review your application towards the end of the accommodation cycle (from 18 August 2016 onwards).

The number of students on the waiting list tends to peak before the general arrival date (18 September 2016). 

Should you find yourself on the waiting list and wish to increase your chances of being offered a place on this list, please make your preferences as flexible as possible, and also please be prepared to respond to an offer of accommodation at short notice. Continuing students will have the lowest priority on the waiting list [PDF].

Please keep your Hallpad contact details including telephone numbers and email addresses up to date, so that we can contact you if we are able to offer you a place. 

What happens once I am on the waiting list?

We work through the list as set out in the Waiting list priority information [PDF]

Regular updates will be sent about the status of the waiting list.

urbanest King's Cross and Westminster Bridge are the only residences that are available on a first-come, first-served basis either through a direct application or from the waiting list.

Students with extra requirements

I have a disability or medical condition, is there anything I need to do?

Yes, if you have a disability or medical condition, please inform us using the 'Special Circumstances' field on the accommodation application form. Also see: Priority applications

Life in halls

Can I have guests stay with me?

Guests are allowed into the residence as long as they are signed in at reception. This is to comply with fire regulations. Overnight guests are permitted, but the policy may vary between halls. If you wish to have a guest stay for more than three consecutive nights, you will need the permission of your warden. Also visit: Information for current hall residents

Will there be any building work in my hall?

Possibly. Refurbishment work is carried out throughout the year on various halls to maintain the quality of your housing. To check our plan of future maintenance work, visit: Refurbishment and other planned maintenance works

Is there Wi-Fi in my room?

Yes. All LSE halls provide Wi-Fi in the rooms. For details on how to use the Wi-Fi visit: Information for residents

For University of London intercollegiate halls, provision may vary. Please check with the individual residence: University of London - accommodation 

Further information

I still have a question - where can I get help?

If your question is still unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact the Residential Services Office via the How to contact us box on the left.