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Residential Services Office 

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Opening hours (November-December 2015):
Monday to Friday
13:00hrs – 16:00hrs (Halls of Residence and Private Housing enquiries)

Residences Fees Team
LRB502 Lionel Robbins Building
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Information on priority applications

In certain circumstances places in accommodation may be assigned outside of the general allocation process to ensure specific needs are met.  If you fall into one of the two groups below, you can apply for your special circumstances to be taken into account when we are allocating accommodation. 

Assessment outcome

  • If you are awarded priority, you will receive an offer of accommodation as soon as possible. If suitable accommodation is not available immediately, you will be notified.
  • If you are not awarded priority, your application for accommodation will be considered in the general allocation process.
  • If your application is not supported and you wish to make an appeal the following procedure will apply accommodation appeals procedure.
  • Regardless of the decision on priority, please do seek advice on your concerns or fears that you may have, for example about looking for rented accommodation or financial issues. For further advice and assistance visit: Students' Union Advice Centre, LSE Financial Support Office and private housing advice.

Disabilities and medical circumstances

We welcome applications from disabled students. You can apply to us for a room that meets your individual needs; for example en suite bathroom facilities, a location close to LSE campus, wheelchair accessible or equipped for those with a hearing impairment (this list is not exhaustive).

  • You will need to tell us before you arrive about any specific adaptations you feel you need so that any necessary adaptations to your room can be made in good time.
  • If you require a room for your personal assistant to use, we will allocate the room next door to yours, though you will be charged for both rooms.
  • The LSE Disability and Well-being Service will work with you to try and identify funding sources to support your studies at LSE.

How to apply for accommodation upon medical grounds

Students requiring accommodation in LSE halls of residence upon medical grounds must enter these requirements within their Hallpad application form, under the ‘Medical Circumstances’ section.  Once these details have been entered, the Disability and Wellbeing Service will review your requirements and advise the Residential Services Office on whether an offer should be made and any adjustments that should be made.  Once you have completed the application form, you are required to print the form and send this to your GP, along with the GP assessment form, which can be downloaded via your Hallpad account. Your GP will then be required to return the completed GP Assessment form to the School’s Disability and Wellbeing Service. Although offers of accommodation may be made in advance of the completed GP assessment forms being received, documentation will be checked prior to your arrival at the School to verify the offer. Such offers are provisional until all documentation is received.

Support for international students with disabilities

For international students with disabilities, effective prior planning will have preceded arrival and arrangements will be in place before arrival. LSE will facilitate arrival and help the student to settle into their accommodation. For more information on the kinds of arrangements that can be put in place, please download the Arrival to LSE halls checklist for international students with disabilities [PDF].

Welfare, academic and other circumstances

There may be many reasons why some students find it preferable to live in halls and find the thought of living in private rented accommodation daunting.

Only under exceptional circumstances, which make it very difficult or impossible for you to live in alternative accommodation, will your accommodation application be prioritised.

The following will NOT usually be viewed as the basis for priority:

  • Ease of access to the campus or Library, internet facilities or late night IT access. 
  • Limited budget. 
  • General concern for personal safety, or parents insistence or concerns. 
  • Lack of knowledge of London or difficulties adjusting to living here. 
  • Inability to arrive in London before term starts.
  • Lack of planning or preparedness in arranging accommodation. 
  • Initial arrangements with fellow students having fallen through.

To inform Residential Services of any exceptional personal circumstances which require you to live in university accommodation, please complete the ‘Exceptional Personal Circumstances’ section of the application form in Hallpad.  Submitted applications will be reviewed by the Residential Services Manager, in conjunction with the Disability and Wellbeing Service, the Dean of Undergraduate or the Dean of Graduate Studies as appropriate.