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Before you apply for accommodation


Who can apply?

Registered students and offer holders at LSE.

How do I make an application for accommodation?

We use an online based system called Hallpad to administrate your application.

To submit an application for accommodation, you need to create an account, using your LSE Student ID number and your personal details.

Once you are registered, you can apply for accommodation and track the status of your application online.

Applications for the next academic year 2014-15

Applications now open

To apply, you need to:

1. Create your Hallpad account. All you need is your LSE Student ID number. To get started, visit: 


2. Choose your preferred residences and submit your choices together with your application. Now wait for a decision. This may take up to 28 days. Details of your offer will be sent to you by email. Please check your emails regularly. If we do not hear from you within the deadline specified in your offer, we will assume that you do not require the accommodation offered. 

Deadlines for accommodation applications 

30 June 2014: first year undergraduate and General Course students

31 July 2014: new graduate students

Also see: 

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Applications for the current academic year

From time to time, rooms may become available during the academic year.

For a list of current vacancies open to full time LSE students, visit: Current and upcoming vacancies in LSE halls of residence 2013-14|

Summer accommodation 2014

Summer applications now open

LSE students are now invited to make an application for accommodation for the summer vacation period.

Availability and dates

Sidney Webb House has spaces for 4, 8, 9  or more weeks starting from July 5 or later in the summer.

Lilian Knowles House and Butler's Wharf Residence  have a limited number of rooms available during the last term of the 50 week contract relevant to these residences. The accommodation is normally fixed to an arrival date of 5 July 2014 and departure date of 13 September 2014. Extensions beyond these dates are generally not available.

Accommodation for couples
There will be only a small number of rooms available for couples (students intending to live with a partner and no children). If you are interested in couples accommodation, please contact us via email (see contact box on the left). Please let us know if there are any special circumstances we may need to take into consideration.

Prepayment and fees

A prepayment of £200 is needed to confirm a place at Sidney Webb House and Butler's Wharf Residence. A prepayment of £400 is required at Lilian Knowles House.

The prepayment will be deducted from your total bill when you pay the remaining amount.  

Lilian Knowles House charges a £75 admin charge, so at this hall, £325 of the £400 prepayment will be deducted from the total bill. 

If your application for summer accommodation is successful, you will be held responsible for the full fees, even if you leave your room early. Subletting your room is not permitted. 

The full fees must be paid before you arrive. Facilities for instalment payments are not normally available.

Term time debtors
Please note that residents should have paid in full their hall fees for the current year 2013/14 before checking in on 5 July 2014 for the Summer vacation. Students who have failed to clear their debts will not be able to check into their vacation room.

Cancellations and refunds

The deposit of £200 is only refundable if we have received the notice to cancel before 1 June 2014 via email (see 'Contact us' on the left).

If we haven’t received the cancellation in writing before 1 June 2014, regardless of the start date of your booking, you will be expected to pay for the entire period booked. There are strictly no refunds for early departures.

The deposit for Lilian Knowles House is only refundable according to the Sanctuary Students terms and conditions of accommodation|.

How to apply

To make an application, log into your Hallpad account and complete the application form. We will acknowledge your application with an email receipt within two days.

All details of your offer will be sent to you via e-mail. We usually expect a reply from you within seven days or less. If we do not hear from you, we shall assume that you do not require the accommodation offered.

If you have not had a receipt from us within two days after submitting your application, please contact us.

Start your application now in Hallpad|


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