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Residences Fees Team
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Medical requirements and other support needs

We welcome applications from students from all backgrounds, including applications from those with specific medical requirements, disabilities and other exceptional circumstances.

All first year undergraduate applicants are guaranteed an offer of accommodation. If you declare one of these circumstances in your application form, the Residential Services Office will work in conjunction with the Disability and Wellbeing Service and Residential Life to consider your application and make you the most appropriate offer possible.

Medical documentation must be submitted each time a student applies for accommodation, in the event that a student applies for accommodation over successive years. This is because medical conditions can change substantially over the course of a year and it is essential that Residential Services and the LSE Disability and Wellbeing Service have up-to-date information in reviewing applications.

Accurate information will help Residential Services to make the most appropriate offer of accommodation, to ensure that any necessary preparations are made at the hall in advance of student arrival, and finally to ensure that a student has suitable support during their stay.

For more information on the general accommodation application process visit before you apply for accommodation.

Information relating specifically to applicants with medical and other exceptional circumstances can be found on the pages in the menu to the left: