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After you have applied for accommodation

Are rooms offered on a 'first come, first served' basis?

No. Instead, we use a lottery system to allocate vacancies. Within each two week batch of applications, applicants are assigned a random number and processed in order of this number. Halls do fill up, however, and so we encourage students to apply as soon as they have accepted their offers to study at the School.

The only exceptions to the lottery system are: 

urbanest King’s Cross, urbanest Westminster Bridge
urbanest King's Cross and urbanest Westminster Bridge are the only halls for which we make offers on a 'first come, first served' basis. Also see: LSE Accommodation Policy [PDF] 

Students with children

LSE does not own any family accommodation, although we do pass on applications from LSE students to our partner providers, Zebra Housing and the University of London. Both organisations have a small number of flats, which may be suitable depending on the ages the children. Further information on the application process for students with families can be found on the How to Apply tab here.

Students with disabilities

Special consideration is given to applications supported by the Disability and Well-being Office. For more information see: Priority applications

How likely is it that I will be offered a place?

First year undergraduate degree and General Course students

If you are a first year undergraduate or General Course student, you are guaranteed an offer of accommodation as long as you apply by the deadline of 30 June 2017.

If you are holding the School as an insurance place we will not make you an offer of accommodation until your place becomes firm. Also see: LSE Accommodation Policy [PDF]

New postgraduate students

Our remaining bed spaces (approximately 40 per cent) are allocated to postgraduate students who have applied by the deadline. For postgraduate students, this is 31 July 2017. Also see: LSE Accommodation Policy [PDF]

Continuing students

The last remaining places (around 5 per cent) are reserved for continuing students in special circumstances or current and recent student hall committee members. In either case, you will still have to go through the regular application process, apply by the deadline, and places will ultimately be selected by wardens and managers in each hall. Also see: LSE Accommodation Policy [PDF] 

How long will it take until I receive an offer decision?

An instant acknowledgement email is sent to you once your application has been received.

We then aim to let you know within 28 days whether your application has been successful.

Please note that the 28 day period begins from either the date you submit your application of accommodation, or the date you firmly accept your offer to study at the LSE (whichever is later).

How quickly do I need to accept the offer?

This will depend on how close it is to your arrival date when you receive offer, and will be confirmed to you in your accommodation offer. 

All offers made from 1 August 2017 onwards will expire within 48 hours.

What happens if I miss the deadline to accept my offer?
If you miss your deadline, you will be invited to join our waiting list. In this instance, we cannot guarantee that you will receive another offer of accommodation.

How do I accept the offer?

To accept your offer and secure your accommodation, log into Hallpad and complete your pre-payment. We will then confirm your place. Further information: Accepting or declining an offer

Will I get my first choice?

This is not guaranteed. From the list of rooms available to you at your preferred budget range, you will be asked to rank a maximum of six preferences (however, fewer than six possible rooms might be displayed for your budget range).

If your first choice is available, it will be offered to you and we will remove it from our list of vacancies. If there are no vacancies in your first choice of hall then the second choice is considered, and so on.

If none of your preferences are available, we will continue as follows:

Undergraduate and General Course students: If none of your preferences are available, you will be offered the next available room.

Postgraduate and continuing students: If none of your preferences is available but you have told us that you are ‘flexible’, you will be made an offer for whatever room is available. If you have told us that you are 'inflexible'  and none of your preferences is available, you will receive notification that your application is unsuccessful and you can join the waiting list or amend your preferences, if you wish.

Can I request a particular room?

No, allocation of specific rooms is not carried out. Only students with special requirements may be placed in rooms with specific features (e.g. disabled access, single sex flats).  

I was invited to join the waiting list. What happens now?

If you miss your deadline, you will be invited to join our waiting list. In this instance, we cannot guarantee that you will receive another offer of accommodation. Once you have joined, we will send you regular updates on the status of the waiting list.

To find out how we prioritise making offers to applicants on the waiting list, download our waiting list offer priority information sheet [PDF]

urbanest King's Cross and urbanest Westminster Bridge are the only residences available on a first come, first served basis. All other residences are allocated via our lottery system.