The Library

While you are studying at LSE you will probably spend more time in the Library than in any other part of the School. LSE's Library, also known as the British Library of Political and Economic Science, is the major international library of the social sciences. It has been recognised by the Higher Education Funding Council as one of only five National Research Libraries in England and its collections have been 'designated' by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council as being of outstanding national and international importance. Read more about the Library|.

The main stock of the Library covers the social sciences in the widest sense; collections are particularly strong in economics, sociology, political science and the social, economic and international aspects of history. There are rich collections of government publications from nearly all the countries in the world, a wealth of statistical materials, important collections of manuscripts and rare books and long runs of a large number of journals. The School also has a separate collection for general literature and music which is housed in the Shaw Library at the top of the Old Building, in which concerts are often held.

As a new student, you can take a free audio tour or download the podcast to familiarise yourself with the Library layout and facilities. Library staff provide an extensive range of services| to help you make best use of the facilities on offer.

As an LSE student you will also have access to most libraries of other colleges of the University of London.

For more information, you should visit the main Library web pages|.