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Information Technology

IT Services provides a wide range of services, facilities and support, including high speed network access, high specification PCs, and high quality help, advice and training.

IT facilities on campus

Secure wi-fi is available on campus. LSE students also have access to wireless when visiting other participating institutions as part of Eduroam.

There are around 1000 PCs available for students to use in open access areas around the School, the Library and in the computer classrooms. There is 24-hour PC availability on campus during term-time. 

All networked PCs on campus provide access to common desktop applications and specialist software. PCs on campus also provide access to the Library catalogue and a wide range of electronic databases and datasets (eg census and financial information). All networked PCs on campus have common desktop applications istalled, including:

  • Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
  • Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox 
  • Skype
  • Quantitative analysis software (eg, SPSS, SAS, STATA)
  • Qualitative analysis software (eg, ATLAS.ti, NVivo)
  • Geographical and mapping software (eg, ArcGIS, Google Earth) 

There are also 60 laptops available for LSE students to borrow and use in the Library, without issuing or borrowing them in advance. These provide access to network file space, office software and the internet.   

Specialist facilities| are available for students with disabilities, including dedicated computer workstations and printing facilities. Screen reading software is available for blind and visually-impaired students and voice recognition software is available for students affected by repetitive strain injury (RSI).

IT facilities in residences

All LSE-owned residences are wired for direct connection to the School network. There are a small number of open access PCs in each residence computer room, which are available 24 hours a day, and students may use their own computer in their study bedroom| or in the wireless zone, located in the social and recreational areas in residences. 

Using your own computer and mobile device

Computer ownership is not obligatory, but if you do bring your own computer, IT Services provides information and help with connecting to the LSE IT environment and accessing services and resources both on campus and off site. 

There are over 300 laptop data points in the Library for students to get fast access to the internet, and an extensive wireless network across the whole whole campus. You can also connect and print to the student printers on the main campus and in halls of residence from your laptop. Off campus, we recommend you use the Remote Desktop|.

LSE Mobile| is a phone app for students which lets you access LSE information such as campus maps, PC availability, news and events, course and exam timetables, your Library account and more from your mobile 

Mobile Printing 

While you can connect your personal computers to an LSE printer, Mobile Printing| offers a faster and easier alternative. Simply email your document to a provided address, or upload it to the website, and it will be ready to release and collect from an LSE printer.  

Software discounts and purchases 

All students can purchase copies of certain software, for example Aimma, NVivo and SAS via the IT Help Desk in the library. There are also educational discounts on Microsoft software available for students. See Microsoft discounts| for staff and students for details. 

Free antivirus software

Sophos Antivirus is available for free to all students. Protect your computer and your important files by installing antivirus to help prevent infections from damaging or stealing your data. 

IT support and training

Hardware and software support for taught course students is provided by the IT Help Desk in the Library. One to one support and training on the use of IT is available for students with disabilities, and the Laptop Surgery provides support for all students with personally owned laptops. A wide range of IT Guides| can be obtained from the IT Help Desk.

All IT training is provided free of charge for students who wish to improve or extend their IT skills. Training workshops run during the Michaelmas and Lent terms and online computer based training is also available.

For more information see the IT Services web pages|.

There is a walk-in centre for immediate personal help on the first floor of St Clements.  

Lecture capture

A fully-automated lecture recording system is installed in all of the main lecture theatres, and in a number of smaller lecture rooms. If a lecturer has opted to use this service, the system records audio, video (where cameras are installed) and whatever is displayed on the projector. Content is then synchronised into a web page, which is automatically uploaded for distribution via the School's virtual learning environment (Moodle), by email or online.