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Volunteering and charity

LSE students are passionate about a diverse range of causes, whether that’s issues affecting their home town or wider concerns about the global community. Many students volunteer their time during their studies in a variety of ways.

LSE Volunteer Centre

Part of LSE Careers, the Volunteer Centre specialises in placing students with local, national and international non-profit organisations. They can find a volunteering opportunity if you have regular time to give or you’d rather do one-off events, and offer advice on fitting your volunteer work around your studies. The Volunteer Centre will help you make the most your skills to benefit the community, and develop new skills for your future career.

“What I love about FoodCycle is that it’s an opportunity to spend time with those in society who are often ignored or forgotten about in the midst of our busy lives. I’ve developed a variety of project management skills that I will carry with me into the future. It gives you this buzz which lasts through the whole week and has really inspired me to get involved with more community projects.” Laura Price, BSc Government, volunteer with FoodCycle

RAG (Raising and Giving)

LSESU RAG is the fundraising arm of the Students’ Union. RAG organises a full programme of events and challenges, including overseas treks, hitch hikes, balls, extreme sports, pub quizzes, and an annual ‘RAG Week’, to raise money for charities that students have voted to give their support to each year.  RAG has a committee and a host of new student volunteers each year – it’s a great way to make friends and give back to the community whilst having some adventurous experiences.

“RAG has turned out to be one the best things I’ve done in my freshers’ year. RAG has been a hoot and a half, not least because everything we do is for good causes. #noRAGrets.” Riam Mistry, 1st year RAG volunteer

Charitable societies

LSESU has several societies devoted to charity work and fundraising. From Amnesty International to Student Action for Refugees to Sustainable Futures, these societies enable students to raise the profile of global issues on campus.