Vyacheslav Polonski

After three years of being a BSc Management student at the LSE, I can most certainly say that my undergraduate time has been informative, illuminating and productive. The LSE's vibrant academic environment and its high quality of teaching encouraged me to think outside the box and to study a variety of questions during my degree in key areas of business management, organizational behaviour and finance. The Stelios scholarship gave me the opportunity to focus on my courses, which provided me with a sound understanding of conceptual frameworks and thought-provoking topics such as group dynamics, leadership and organisational design. I also learned several econometric tools and techniques to analyse and interpret data, identify trends and evaluate theories.

Furthermore, I am thrilled by the LSE's diversity and its multicultural education. Our students bring with them the rich tapestry of the world's great traditions and cultures. This is amplified by the distinctive LSE ethos to broaden our horizons, to aim high and to continue to develop ourselves further. Personally, this spirit has helped me to engage with the community and use my time and skills to benefit the people around me through volunteering and tutoring initiatives. As a result, I was named 'International Student of the Year' runner-up on national level by the British Council in 2011.

What I love most about studying at the LSE is that there are no limits or impediments to what you can do or what you can achieve here. For example, following LSE's tradition to engage with the public and bring together intellectual leaders and business practitioners to discuss topical issues, I have founded and organised the LSE Student Strategy and Management Consulting Conference. This conference developed into one of the largest global student-led forums of dialogue on global business strategy. I also started a company during my studies and held several leadership positions within the student societies on campus. You can see that the LSE is a great empowering institution, where young men and women can take a chance on a dream - take an idea that starts in the lecture theatre or in a discussion with your fellow course mates and turn it into a new project, a new business or even a new industry that has the power to change the world around you. Indeed, there is an enormous potential that every single one of you can unlock during your academic studies at the LSE.

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Vyacheslav Polonski

Stelios Scholar, Ukraine


BSc Management