Tom Chitseko

There can be few better places to study international relations than at LSE. A hugely diverse student body, first-rate teaching and the School's position in the heart of London, an international political and commercial centre, combine to provide international relations students with vast opportunities to develop their understanding of international politics. The scope for argument and independent thought in the BSc International Relations course is another major attraction for me. LSE is a hard working place for people who want, in one form or another, to lead active lives. Having meandered my way through further education, I felt that LSE, more than other higher education institutions, would develop my capacity for active involvement with the world beyond the academy. It is fair to say that it has. The range of extracurricular activities available to LSE students is phenomenal. From the typical student revelry of SU and (especially) AU club nights, to more sophisticated socialising in the city; from academic pursuits to athletic pursuits and all manner of societies, the opportunities to get involved with university life in the fullest sense are vast. The interesting, inspiring and entertaining people that I have met, studied under and befriended here have been central to my development, and I am sure I will be in touch with many of them for years to come. I am currently applying for training schemes at international law firms. If I am successful, I will undergo two years' further study at law school before beginning my training contract.

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A photo of Tom Chitseko, an LSE student

Harlow, Essex, UK


3rd year BSc International Relations