Thaddeus Jahn

BSc International Relations

Düsseldorf, Germany

In view of LSE’s stellar academic reputation − especially in the field of international affairs − receiving an offer from the institution made me feel like the luckiest person on earth. What I had yet to understand was that the tumultuous “LSE Life” would present an experience unparalleled by any other.

My first year at LSE has allowed me to grow, both as an academic student and as a person. In addition to being the United Kingdom’s foremost department for international affairs, the LSE International Relations course presents students with an insight into world politics that no other university can offer. The vast array of students from extremely diverse backgrounds creates a setting similar to that of the United Nations General Assembly. Each student contributes a highly intellectual yet personal opinion on the topics discussed in class, providing genuine insights shaped by cultural, economic, historical, and political inclinations. This variety of perspectives truly enriches the “international” component of an LSE degree. The methods by which we are taught at LSE encourage self-discipline, rigour, and critical analysis. Whether dealing with human rights intervention, climate change negotiations, or exploring the rise of China, the spectrum of influential professors and academics at the cutting edge of research has furthered my ability to think as an individual, and has thrown me into an academic arena where there is no one “simple answer”.

Being in the midst of a major city like London only adds to the fantastic experience. At the university I have participated in some of their diverse extra-curricular activities and have become heavily involved in campus societies. For instance, last year I tried out swing dancing and wasable to perform in a West End theatre as part of the annual Timeless show. This year I co-founded the USA Society and will serve as its Vice President, paying tribute to my American heritage. I have also taken on the role of UNA Youth Director of the LSESU UN society, in which I conduct and organize events in coordination with the United Nations mission to the United Kingdom. As an LSE student I am also fortunate to be at a university which hosts lectures by some of the most famous personalities in the public sphere. In many aspects LSE is an intellectual environment which will challenge you to leave your comfort zone of perspective and strive to make an impact in the world.