Stephen Almond

The School's outstanding reputation for social science research was a huge factor in my coming to LSE. Research here touches on almost every aspect of economic and political life, and rarely a day goes by when LSE is not in the news. It's hard to not want to be a part of that.

The BMS degree gives you wide scope for tailoring the programme to your interests, allowing you to find your strengths and specialise in the fields which particularly interest you. For me, this has allowed me to focus on statistics, but I have also had the opportunity to study demography, economics and finance - all disciplines relevant to my field.

Undoubtedly one of the most fascinating features of LSE for a UK student is its international nature. Few of my friends at other universities have the opportunity to mix with students from such varied backgrounds, or listen to visiting experts from around the world. It makes the campus a constant hub of discussion and debate.

The Language Centre at LSE is really fantastic. In the course of my degree, I've managed to go from no knowledge of Russian to reaching the final certificate course as well as refresh my German. This year I'm about to start learning Arabic.
The School also offers a huge array of IT training to help you sharpen your skills for the world of work, enabling me to leave with an ECDL Advanced qualification much sought-after by employers.

I am currently applying for master's programmes, including the MSc Statistics at LSE, with the aim of becoming a professional statistician in government or social research.

Please see Applied statistics and actuarial science



A photo of Stephen Almond, an LSE student

Chorley, UK


3rd year, BSc Business Mathematics and Statistics