Son Thanh Nguyen

There are many advantages to this combined programme. Studying economics has given me a deep understanding of the economic phenomena which have significant effects on people's daily life; showing me how complex and significant effects may have come from simple causes. The subject also provides me with skills in constructing economic models and an overview of how economic institutions work and cooperate. Philosophy helps me to view unfamiliar ideas with an open mind as well as giving me an ability to analyse and evaluate arguments in supporting/criticising a view. The subjects' mutual assistance: economics' adaptation to changing challenges and philosophy's deep reasoning, seems to suit me perfectly.

The privilege of studying at LSE, can be seen from the list of people the School can invite to its renowned public events. Attending lectures by famous people (Dmitry Medvedev, Amartya Sen, Alan Greenspan... to name a few), and listening to their debate of lively issues brings about a feeling of involvement in and responsibility for the problems we are facing, globally and locally. This is a unique way of self-learning.

Academically, I have been studying under influential figures in economics and philosophy. Learning from them, not only knowledge, but also ambition, inspiration and motivation, helps me to shape my mind and direct my future.

Please see Philosophy, logic and scientific method

Son Nguyen

Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam


3rd year, BSc Philosophy and Economics