Shalen Sehgal

Mathematics has elegance, beauty and complexity. It has always fascinated me and the more I learn, the more I appreciate its relevance; it is a pivotal science on which so many others depend. The programme at LSE is unique because it is broad enough to appeal to the serious mathematicians, whilst being largely relevant to economics as well. A perfect match for my career goals.

Being positioned undisputedly at the cutting edge of economics, with leading experts teaching and mentoring pupils in their field, creates a unique atmosphere at LSE which inspires students to work harder with honour to build the intellectual assets of this great institute. Through interaction with my lecturers and friends who are LSE graduates, I have embraced the unique culture of LSE. I have come to learn that it requires discipline and commitment complimented with an ample measure of fun.

Studying alongside a diverse range of people is one of the best things about LSE. Networking with high achievers from different backgrounds has broadened my perspective on different cultures and current affairs, and has helped shape my personality for the better.

Having the largest social science library in the world means there's ample resources and space to accommodate your learning at LSE. I enjoy living in the heart of London, where there is an endless list of things to do; from films, theatres and comedy venues to bars, pubs and clubs. LSE's location is ideal for those who work hard and play hard.

After I graduate, I intend to pursue a career in finance. However, with a Mathematics and Economics degree from LSE, I am still open to a range of different careers should I see a more attractive opportunity.

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Shalen Sehgal

London, UK


2nd year, BSc Mathematics and Economics