Sarah Miller

The quality and expertise of the lecturers is one of the best things about studying at LSE. Learning from people who are truly at the top in their fields is fascinating and humbling. Similarly, the energy you can feel at the School is one of my favourite aspects of LSE. The energetic debates within the student body, the wealth of events that the School holds, the constant activity in the Library, even the conversations over coffee all really inspire you.

I chose to study at LSE because it is the perfect place to study international relations. From my small city, I saw London as the centre of world politics. A place where I could witness the debates and events happening on my doorstep as I learned about them. I felt I would be immersed in the wider context of international relations by studying at LSE, rather than removed from it on a university campus far away from reality. On top of that, I knew I would emerge with a top degree from an extremely well known institution. The prestige of LSE definitely attracted me to choosing a degree here.

My programme encourages you to form your own opinions. The lecturers and teachers do not tell you what is the correct answer, but rather encourage you to think critically and creatively, learning about different approaches and forming your own from the wealth of information provided for you.

Through LSE I've been able to take part in the Widening Participation Mentoring Scheme, where I go into a school once a week and assist students with improving their academic lives, and hopefully help to inspire them to pursue higher education. In terms of my personal development, LSE has helped me develop my confidence in speaking in front of others, debate, and my time management skills.

I have not decided on a particular path to follow when I graduate. I would definitely like to pursue graduate study, but I am not sure if this will be immediately after I graduate or not. I have a growing interest in diplomacy, and may apply to the Canadian Foreign Service.

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Sarah Miller

Victoria, BC, Canada


2nd year, BSc International Relations