Samantha Bainbridge

The best thing about studying at LSE is the diversity of the students I have
met. Being surrounded by students of such intelligence and passion to learn
is both motivating and inspiring. I am proud to be part of such a prestigious
university. The expertise of the lecturers is second to none and the support from
the Department is very encouraging. Furthermore the application of the theory
involved is thought provoking and current.

Gaining a place to study at LSE has increased my confidence in my academic abilities
and being awarded such a prestigious scholarship has given me the motivation
to achieve my goals without worrying about the financial burden of living in the
centre of London.

LSE has given me opportunities to attend networking events with major employers,
which has not only improved my social skills but has provided me with unique,
professional advice. I have also been involved in a volunteering scheme through
LSE called teach first which has given me the unique opportunity to tutor students
at schools across London.

In the future I see myself working deep in the heart of a busy city! Whether this
be in the field of accountancy or investment banking I am yet to decide as LSE has
widened the range of career opportunities available to me that I never thought
were possible.

Please see Accounting and finance

Samantha Bainbridge

Stelios Scholar, Carlisle, UK


BSc Accounting and Finance