Sakina Badamasuiy

My interests lie in different subject areas so studying Government and
Economics at LSE has given me an enormous amount of freedom to learn about
the things that excite me most. I have been able to explore a good range of topics
from the Political Economy of the Developing World to Spanish language and
culture classes. Also, the Government faculty attracts leading researchers, at the
cutting-edge of their fields who work intensively with students. I have found the
rigorous engagement with academics one of the most challenging and exciting
aspects to life at LSE.  

LSE is a natural choice for anyone keen on being at the forefront of research in
politics and economics. Having spent nearly three years here, I’m convinced of
this. The School is regarded highly by employers and academics, as well as many
others. Thus, graduating from LSE significantly raises one’s level of employability
and academic standing.

The social experience at LSE has been great. LSE is full of interesting people from all
different backgrounds and nationalities, and it is a great place to meet new people
and hear new stories. Being exposed to such a diversity of cultures and ideas is as
much a humbling, as it is an exciting experience. The fact that the campus is in the
heart of London means that I have found myself always close to globally relevant
events. The School also does a brilliant job of bringing world leaders to talks right
on the doorstep of LSE students.

LSE has made me more confident in pursing opportunities that I feel truly passionate
about. The Careers Service at LSE – one of the best in the country – is of immense
help in enabling students to find employment opportunities during and after their
studies. Within campus, there are hundreds of societies to get involved with, and
countless ways to follow your interests. I’ve been an undergraduate student mentor
for two years, run campaigns for different societies, written for an international
journal and the student paper as well as represented my peers in the Student and
Staff Liaison committee. Before coming to LSE, I would never have thought it possible
to pack in such a rich experience in three years.

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