Sachin Mehta

LSE is one of the best places to study, both in terms of rankings for history, and socially, as we are in central London. My programme has a great variety of courses, both in general history and in the history of specific areas. You can also take an outside option, which allows you to learn about an area that you were interested in but had never thought to study.

There is a great mixture of people from all over the world at LSE. You really feel that you learn a lot about the world by talking to them. LSE is a great place to learn – a combination of interesting courses, enthusiastic teachers (among the best in the world!) and a wide range of teaching resources and materials. My department has a great support network, and the teachers are always willing to help and give advice.

During my time here I have joined many societies, which has allowed me to take part in various projects and events that I would never have thought about before. In the end I feel that this has made me a more confident person, for example I am the expedition coordinator for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. This has really helped me in giving presentations and speaking in front of people.

At the moment, I'm not completely sure what I'll do after LSE – I'm looking into a mixture of things. That's the great thing about LSE; it provides you with the information to do so. There is always a variety of presentations and talks from top companies, giving you a wide range of information to help you make up your mind. As a result, you get a better sense of the wide opportunities that there are for LSE students.

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A photo of Sachin Mehta, an LSE student

London, UK


3rd year, BA History