Sabrina Anwar

Geography with Economics is a fantastic combined degree to study. It brings together a varied array of interesting topics that are interconnected with important social, economic and political issues in the real world. While the challenging economics modules build understanding in the functions, policies and behaviour of people and firms in an economy, the geography aspects of the degree bridge this understanding with analysis across space and time, and there are also a range of geographical topics to choose from especially in the second and third years. These span across focuses on social, historical, statistical and more economic issues in the world.

The diversity of students is phenomenal at LSE, with so many countries residing in one campus it would be difficult to not meet someone from a country you may never have heard of! The teaching and support students receive from LSE are superb, in that the teachers genuinely try to give a helping hand whenever they can while several services exist for assistance to all students. The social aspect of LSE is fantastic, with an endless list of parties and social gatherings to go to, a strong students' union and lots of diverse societies to get your teeth into and make new friends in.

LSE has really helped me to develop the art of researching well and increased my communication skills. It really gives you the freedom to develop your own niche while studying here, as how much work you put in determines how much you will get out of your degree. The class teachers focus this personal development to make sure you're on the right path, which is great. Once I graduate, I would like to undertake further studying and take a master's in the area of economic geography.

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London, UK


3rd year, BSc Geography with Economics