Saad Khalid

I chose to come to LSE because it is one of the few universities which offers a combination of economics and economic history as an undergraduate programme. It also has a unique history and reputation for being one of the best universities in the world.

I really like how economic concepts that appear abstract and distant from real life come together in economic history. Economic history explains how and why things happened. Where history can sometimes go round in circles or economics too theoretical, economic history brings the two disciplines together to provide interesting insights.

The best part of LSE has to be the diversity. There are not many other universities in the world where I would find myself with someone from Pakistan, Sweden, Holland, Belgium and India all at the same time! People at LSE have interesting backgrounds and great stories. Being in London adds to this excitement as we have the city of London as our campus. Furthermore, our cricket team regularly trains at Lords and the Oval and for me the novelty of being in London never wears off. We also get the best and most famous speakers and artists to visit LSE.

Being part of the student societies has helped my confidence and given me the opportunity to work with people professionally. As part of the Economic History Society committee it has been a enjoyable challenge to launch a new society! Working with the Pakistan Society has helped me reunite with Pakistani culture, language and music.

Economic history equips you with the tools for a variety of fields, I intend to explore my options and maybe return to LSE after a few years work to do a master's.

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Saad Khalid

Lincoln, United Kingdom


2nd year, BSc Economic History with Economics