Priscilla Yeung

I like the fact that my Department is of medium size, where people, both staff and students, have acquaintance of each other. This is hugely important because the programme is very intensive and challenging; a friendly environment can provide accessible help for people who feel overwhelmed by the breadth of material the Department is offering. The study environment and friendly and helpful staff-student relations, as well as the workload, resemble a miniature of the working world and that equips you with skills in time management and dealing with pressure.

The biggest attraction of doing social anthropology at LSE is that the founder of British anthropology, Malinowski, was also the founder of the Anthropology Department here. LSE recruits some of the most influential scholars in this field, including Professor Rita Astuti, Professor Maurice Bloch and others. Their first-hand ethnographic experience is incomparable. Now I know why so many lecturers and staff in our Department also did their undergraduate study at LSE!

LSE has the best location in the heart of London, which gives us great connections and opportunities in terms of careers. The diverse Student Union societies, especially the career-oriented ones, often organise a lot of firm visits and skill sessions: these provide great opportunities to develop connections and understanding of the industry. London is a place full of opportunities, and LSE has an amazing Careers Service that allows ambitious people to search for chances and reach their goals. The regular public lectures, and useful skill sessions allow LSE students to stand out from other graduates. I remember when I did my work placement at the British Red Cross, my supervisor commented that LSE students 'always know the answer for every interview question'.

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Priscilla Yeung

Hong Kong, China


2nd year, BSc Social Anthropology