Petra Sarapatkova

Curiosity and the will to challenge myself were the main factors in making the decision to attend LSE. Throwing myself into a foreign country where I hardly knew anyone, amongst a community of knowledgeable and ambitious people seemed a bit frightening at first, but overcoming that fear paid off. The diverse, multicultural environment at LSE is definitely a great advantage. My schoolmates are all from different parts of the world which really makes studying here a unique experience. I believe that I learn at least as much from my class mates as I do in the lectures and classes! In addition, some of the lecturers are not only experts in their field but also great charismatic presenters who have the power to stimulate and inspire. Of course, the fact that LSE is one of the few universities that offer the study of environmental policy at undergraduate level and that it is recognised as one of the best social science institutions in the world also played a role in my deciding to come here. I very much appreciate the fact that we are offered an insight into the subject matter from various different viewpoints. I have the opportunity to take courses from different departments and thus explore a variety of different subjects. The range of extracurricular activities that one can get involved in at LSE is amazing. It would be a shame to devote oneself merely to studying and miss out on getting involved in some of the societies and clubs. I personally got the opportunity to try out the role of journalist in writing a few articles for the School's newspaper, The Beaver. I am also planning to get involved with the LSE Ambassador scheme this year.

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A photo of Petra Sarapatkova, an LSE student

Prague, Czech Republic


2nd year BSc Environmental Policy