Nicholas Siew

As one of the best universities, its strong performance and the fact that employers like the calibre of graduates from here convinced me to choose LSE. There is such an international feel to LSE which affects all realms of student life, from sportsmanship and socials to debates. This fusion is what gives an real edge to studying here.

I think there are three main benefits offered by the BA Geography at LSE. Within your three years you will be challenged to consider a range of issues such as economics, development studies, politics and the intrinsic links that connect them. Secondly, you will acquire the discipline of being able to understand the effects of these on varying scales and within a global arena. Finally as a small department, lectures and classes all take place amidst a group of friends. The combination of these three highlights the main beauty of the course and is confirmed by the fact that I have found these skills to be useful within a working environment. My time here has helped me develop a skill set, such as the use of GIS and presentation skills, which has proven crucial during my internship over the summer.

After my BA, I plan to do a Master's and then enter a career in marketing or consultancy.

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A photo of Nicholas Siew, an LSE student

Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia


3rd year, BA Geography