Mohib Khurram

The three years I spent at LSE were truly rewarding and prepared me for my
chosen career path. LSE’s rigorous Econometrics programme not only ensured that
I had the appropriate mathematical toolkit to solve problems but also an intuitive
awareness of which problems needed an answer. With such an analytical mindset
ingrained through my undergraduate education, I decided to join Global Markets
Operations at HSBC in London.

The LSE experience was immensely diverse; with people from various cultural
backgrounds and from all over the world. Living through this diversity has taught
me respect and appreciation for these differences and now in my work life, I have
no trouble interacting with a global client base.

As I progress on this career path, I know that sometime soon I would love to go back
to LSE and pursue my further education in econometrics. Given its reputation and
academic prowess, LSE would definitely still remain my first choice.

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Mohib Khurram

Rawalpindi, Pakistan


BSc Economics