Misa Ichinose

BSc Sociology (2nd year)
Kobe, Japan

I chose LSE firstly as it was located in London and London, for me, is one of the centres of the world – what better place to study for a degree than here? But secondly because of its reputation as being the most rewarding, fascinating place to achieve a degree and the number of doors that studying here could open for me. 

I love LSE’s diversity of students – my fellow students come from all over the world, it’s a joy to study with people with such different experiences from myself. Studying Sociology at LSE comes into that as Sociology is a degree which looks at the ever-changing world, so the multi-cultural atmosphere created by the diversity of students is so valuable to my studies. I believe you can’t get that anywhere else than at LSE! 

I was involved in the LSE Athletics Union in my first year and I am now a part of the Sociology Society, as well as working part time in the LSE Press Office and at LSE’s large number of public events. Being able to attend lectures by world leaders from all sorts of departments, I would say, is one of the highlights of my time at LSE. Being in London has allowed me to have so many experiences outside of university whilst studying, and I’m hoping that will help me to get a career after graduating in the media. 


Misa Ichinose