Michael Soon

London, UK - 2nd year BA Anthropology and Law

LSE has really broadened my horizons in many respects; it is the only university in London that has so many international speakers coming in every day talking about the current issues circulating in their countries, and how to deal with them.

It is also an establishment that offers an unprecedented level of aid in finding a career. The number of corporate graduate recruitment days and events is sometimes overwhelming, but the chances are on the table and it is really up to you to take them. Aside from the internationally acclaimed brand name that it gives you on your CV, it is a rare institution where you get to know the current movers and shakers of the world. You can walk down Houghton Street and see Howard Davies, Willem Buiter, and Maurice Bloch; or your class tutor could be Hugh Collins... to name just a few. Most importantly, these people are here to invest their time and effort into teaching you, and this was my primary my reason for choosing LSE.

LSE is a small university, and that has benefits as you have the chance to meet a lot of very interesting and diverse people. Networking with all the international students, learning their cultures and joining all the international societies on offer is great fun.

The two elements of my programme complement each other beautifully. The anthropology component provides you with the ability to have an innate understanding of a lot of other cultures, and this is essential if you hope to have an international legal career. An additional bonus to the programme is the exemption from the GDL, or law conversion course; at the end of the three years you end up in the same position as a straight LLB student... just better read!

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A photo of Michael Soon, an LSE student