Kunal Shah

Once I'd decided to study for a degree in Mathematics and Economics, LSE was always my preferred destination. The School has an excellent reputation and great teaching facilities. In addition, the programme goes in to great depth and I have really enjoyed the integration of the two subjects where mathematics has been used to solve economic problems and vice versa.

LSE has so far been a phenomenal experience. I love the diversity of the people and the cultural integration. Being at a university with students from over 150 countries and encountering the different cultural events sums it all up. My personal highlight for this year was being chosen to attend a conference in New York which brought together 350 students to meet 150 of the world's most influential leaders.

Having been at LSE for just over a year I have involved myself in a variety of projects. With the range of activities LSE has to offer you will never be idle! I've taken part in an all University Model United Nations conference, gone skydiving, got involved in committees like the Finance Society where I had the chance to interview employees from leading firms and been part of the team that launched the first LSE Economics Conference. I'm also assisting an LSE Consulting Group where we come up with strategies to help start-up businesses increase profits and growth.

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Kunal Shah

Nairobi, Kenya


BSc Mathematics and Economics