Kent Choi

Hong Kong, China - 3rd year BSc Accounting and Finance

London is a great city to live in, partly because it is very international – this is reflected in the diversity of LSE students – and because of the level of financial activity here. I chose LSE mainly because it is ranked very highly in the various business areas, and LSE is probably the best school in the UK for Accounting and Finance. The BSc programme provides very good practical preparation for those students who wish to work in the financial industry. Intellectually I have also acquired some very valuable knowledge from the courses I have taken. In the first and second year the courses build up your theoretical understanding of accounting and finance very well, and the third year bridges the gap between the theory and empirical evidence. The academic courses are well structured and give you free time both for independent study and to participate in extra-curricular activities. Within LSE the large number of societies also provide numerous events which complement my academic education very well. Having LSE on my CV has certainly been a great help for me in terms of careers; my colleagues during my summer internship all identified my technical skills as a key strength, and I think LSE deserves credit for that. Once I graduate, I intend to work as a sell side analyst in a bank and also qualify as a CFA in three years' time.

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A photo of Kent Choi, an LSE Student