Katherine Hayes

I chose to study at LSE because it is such a prestigious and academically well known institution. I felt that living in London (and especially the opportunity of living in the West End) would be a greater experience than would be gained at other universities I had applied for. I also enjoy being a part of the University of London Union which provides the unique experience of interacting with students from other universities within London.

The teaching methods at LSE and the interaction between the lecturers and students appealed to me. I enjoy being surrounded by staff who have a clear passion for their subjects, and to consequently be able to study the theories that staff at the LSE have developed. My degree incorporates not only theoretical aspects, but also practical aspects such as a research module in which we undertake our own research on a chosen topic.

LSE has broadened my mind and has given me the opportunity to experience different views surrounding my subjects. After just one year of study I find myself able to develop my own informed opinions regarding many topics of which I was previously unaware. LSE has certainly improved my academic abilities. I feel that my degree from LSE will certainly be beneficial once I have graduated and come to look for a job.

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A photo of Katherine Hayes, an LSE student.

Sevenoaks, UK


2nd year, BSc Social Policy and Criminology